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Archive for February 23rd, 2012

Confessions of a Hotel Receptionist…………

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Confessions of a Hotel Receptionist…………

Hey there, my name is Zuzana (feel free to pronounce it Susana ) and I work in the Killarney Court Hotel for the last…10 years!!! Yes, I am amazed myself, how the time flies…

I started to work in restaurant and after 3 years of waitressing I was trained at the front desk to be the smilliest, loveliest receptionist you can get… (I really hope my managers are not reading this J but then, if they do…all they can do is to agree)

My day at reception starts either at 7:00am or 3:00pm and lasts 8 hours…Job involves a lot of paper & computer work, cash & card handling and the phone answering…but the most important of all – are the guests/clients/patrons…YOU! Yes, your comfort, tight sleep at night (or snooze in the afternoon), stress free days …well, ensuring altogether a relaxing or activity filled stay (the choice is yours) is the most important part of my work….and honestly, that is the most interesting part of my work too…I get to meet people from all corners of the world, English as well as non –  English speaking (it did help me many times already that I am fluent speaker in more languages and that I am not shy to use my hands and feet to communicate in languages I do not speak J), short and tall, young and ..matured J… nice as well as snippy (sorry to all of you guys who aren’t snippy!!!)…single and coupled…with children or just on a short break without them (don’t we deserve it all, us parents?) and all of them come to see our lovely Killarney or better to say – Kerry….

I am originally from the Slovak Republic (Slovakia) but after 10 years spent in Killarney I am being considered by locals as one of the locals. There is no wonder why I have decided to stay in Killarney for so long – it has the feel of a small town, where people know each other and greet strangers on the streets, the famous Irish hospitality is an everyday experience, but still it is a busy, busy town…with INEC hosting world known artists performing at their best and of course the national park and beautiful golf courses…no wonder the hotel is busy and sometimes we do not get time to get that famous ‘cuppa’ J  But let’s face it, everybody knows about the park and INEC, who comes to Killarney.

So let me give you some secret tips of a receptionist and local gal on what to do when visiting our place: first of all, always check out the hotel’s own website! There is a guarantee that you get the best possible value for your stay ………….. and then when you are booked in, just leave the car in our car park-it’s free…it takes 10 min. to walk to town centre and it is safe to walk night and day…there are car parks in town, but they are not free and most of the time of the day are full…if you do not like to walk (or for ladies – if you are going on a night out and wearing the most gorgeous but most ‘uncomfy’ shoes) – just get a taxi- it is free to call from the courtesy phone and costs up to €8 (price shown valid at the time of printing ) The Muckross house and  the Ross Castle have a free car park, with plenty of space, so you can drive there and just ask me, I will point the way…

For the singles – night clubs are opened all week round! with a free entry before 11pm (I hope I am not ruining anybody’s business right now! J as well as our own bar is opened for residents until 3am…enough said

For the families with children – when visiting the Ross Castle bring some bread with you. Ross castle is on a lake and there are plenty of ducks and swans to be fed by your little ones…amazing experience for the whole family and it is free!!! And with Spring finally coming our way –  the Kennedy’s pet farm has a lot of baby animals, which can be held, fed, stroked by the brave ones…lot of it is happening under the roof, so even if it is raining, it is worth going…

For the foreign folks – Irish music in some pubs being played live all week round, with free entry. And if you would like to experience a bit of set dancing, then Wednesday night is your night – for a small fee you can get into to Grand and see it live… and the best thing of all? It is danced by locals –  you can see representatives of all generations dance together – grandsons with their grandmothers, uncles and nieces, brothers and sisters and of course couples taking part in incredible fast set dancing…if you can take part in it too –  if you dare…

And for everybody –  please do not hesitate to ask us…if something isn’t to your satisfaction or you need advice of what to do or where to go, you are not warm enough or you feel hungry, etc…all questions will be dealt with promptly…and with a smile. :-)



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