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A day in the life of: The Head Chef!

Hello to Everyone reading this blog!

My name is Eric, I am the Head Chef in the Killarney Court Hotel.

I have been working here for almost 2 years and everyday it’s a new experience.

In the hotel and restaurant business you are learning all the time and no matter how old you are or how much experience you have, everyday is a challenge to improve yourself, perfect recipes and find new exciting food combinations/recipes.

I love the challenge! My job seems simple: Supervise the good running of the Kitchen, but its not always as easy as you think! There are long working days which can be pretty stressful! My day starts by doing a stock take and then if needed I place orders to the different suppliers. And I am always looking out for new ingredients and products and if there are ever special offers on.

Then I check with reception what the bookings for the evening’s dinner are looking like, and see if there if are any groups or tours booked in.

During the Summer season, we often have up to 3 large tours every night that have dinner, and they could often stay for 2 or 3 nights at a time, so I need to make sure that they don’t have the same meal twice!

As Lunch approaches, we need to get the Carvery ready for a very busy lunch service, I need to make sure that the quality of all meals are consistent, that we always have a fresh supply of vegetables & potatoes, and make sure that we don’t run out of anything on the Carvery.

The Carvery service finishes at 3pm and then we commence with Bar food, which is served from 3pm – 9pm and the restaurant opens at 6pm for dinner.

There is always something to do in the kitchens, whether it is food preparation, menu planning, ordering, cleaning, dealing with issues during service etc. Its all part of the job.

My Dad was a chef and he told me there were many a time when he wanted to take off his apron and walk away from the job but he never did! It’s a crazy job to be a chef and a crazy life too! But there is a special buzz in the Hotel/Restaurant business that you don’t find anywhere else like it!! You have a connection with your team mates and the other staff members, that you are all in this together! This is why we I love my job, and this is what keeps me going during a hard day!


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