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Christmas in Killarney

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Here we are on 13th December, and the weather was turned cold once again. This year we escaped for a while as you will remember that last year we were already well used to the cold spell all over Ireland. I suppose it normally happens like that ….now that we are ready it won’t happen as bad. I think most people are of this opinion, we all want a little bit of snow around Christmas but we mean a LITTLE BIT! It has been all go here in Killarney with our Christmas in Killarney Festival. I visited the Santa Village earlier this week and I must say it is the real thing! I was very impressed with it, when I was younger, Santa did not put as much effort into me visiting him but he has progressed and this year it really is not to be missed,…..WELL DONE SANTA. So why not make a quick visit to Killarney and bring the kids, an experience they WILL remember. I would like to wish all our friends and guests a peaceful and happy Christmas and a prosperous and joyful New Year.

Remember, if you do decide to visit, that our own website, will give you the best value available, or you can LoCall us on 1890 93 00 33. Ho Ho Ho!

Yours Sincerely,

Derek Carroll
General Manager
Killarney Court Hotel

Exciting Times At The Killarney Court Hotel

Friday, March 4th, 2011

 This is a great time to come to Killarney as there are so many special offers available with so much choice. For example if you want a good concert with BOYZONE at the INEC you can stay with us from  €59 room only for up to 3 people, thats less than €20 per person…..Where else would you get it. The day before, on the 15th March, The Commitments are playing so why not do a double and get them all in??

 After the bad , cold weather during December and January, things are looking better now and we are looking forward to the next couple of months with a SPRING in our step still smiling all the way to the Summer.

 In the last couple of weeks, Eileen, Sheila and Mairead have been very busy welcoming our new guests at our Daily Carvery, that have made the long journey all the way across the road from the new ,Primary Care Facility at The Reeks. Nearly all the Doctors in town have moved to this location and are combining facilities etc to make it a one stop shop for all your medical needs. Hopefully we won’t need them but if we do, there only 1 minute away!!

 With the General Election over, you deserve  a break from all the Canvasers and Doom and Gloom. We have great value and always throw in a complimentary smile and a chat; Come on down, the price IS right.!!

 Derek Carroll

General Manager.

Message from the General Manager

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Letter from the General Manager

Dear Guest,

                     Thank you for looking at our website for the Killarney Court Hotel. I hope that you find it easy to navigate and pleasing on the eye. I also hope that the ‘BLOG’ that we are including at present is interesting for you and gives you an insight into what we are about here at the ‘Court’.

                      We decided to do the blog having seen how it can help people understand what properties are like and what makes them tick. The recepies come from our Head Chef Eric Zsabo, who operates with a good brigade of 6 chefs. I hope you try out his recommendations as they are very tasty indeed. Our ‘Day in the life’ articles are an attempt to let you see how we operate in sometimes a humorous fashion ; as we all need a bit of humour in our everyday life. I do an article each month also. I try to portray how we are here in Killarney and our unique approach to life.

I hope we are succeeding in our aim and look forward to meeting you in the future if you come and stay with us.

See you soon…….Derek Carroll.             

Message from the GM

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

How ‘r’ tings???  


Here in Killarney the most common phrase you will hear is How ‘r’ tings??  It is an expression of enquiry, concern and love and also as a salutation. It can be shortened to the more comfortable ‘Tings’?! if you are on close terms with your receiver.


To hear this greeting was somewhat of a culture shock to me, a lad from Wexford. In my original home place the phrase ‘How’s she cuttin’, was the accepted turn of phrase and it made perfect sense to me.

In Northern Ireland it is ‘What about ye?’, and in Australia it is G’Day.

 In every part of the globe there is a local, often humorous expression that puts a little smile on our face. The common thread in them all is the feeling of warmth, and the feeling of welcome. So the next time you visit Killarney, and you are walking along and a total stranger says ‘ How ‘r’ tings’ just smile and say ‘ My tings are fine’ Don’t worry , they will know exactly what you mean.


Derek Carroll.

 General Manager.


GM’s April Letter

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

What sort of a day is it?

I am always reminded of a waiter I worked with some years ago at a lakeside hotel.

” Look at the mountains sir, if you can see them real close, it is a fine day”. ” And what if you can’t see them real close?” the guest asked. ” But sure then it is raining!” he replied with a grin. Indeed!

This memory, is like so many memories experienced everyday in the hotel business, a fond, happy, human memory. Because our work, mine & my colleagues, is all about the interaction we have with our guests.

The memory that most people have of a place they have been, is of the people they meet.

The Steak can be perfectly cooked, or the prawns to die for, but its the people whom they meet that their experience is dependent on.

We have been open for 10 years this year at the Killarney Court Hotel and we still have a lot of the team from the first year in 1998. The reason is because we emphasise people as being the important aspect in our working experience. Friendly, happy people, working as part of a team is vital if our guests are to have those fond memories of their stay with us.

Happy days!!


Derek Carroll, General Manager, Killarney Court Hotel


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