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Stephen Dermody, Deputy Manager – Chelsea Fan

A day in my life usually starts unceremoniously with the alarm screaming at me to get out of bed at 6.00am. After a shower and a 15 minute drive with the Rock Music blaring to get me motivated for the day, I arrive at the Killarney Court Hotel. When I cross the line and into the Hotel Foyer – it’s Showtime, this is where I become a leader, an advisor, a listener and a confidant,  all of this under the guise of Deputy Manager. Welcome to my world.


The first person I meet will be the Night Porter who will tell me about his night. We then have a few topical discussions including where Obama is going wrong in the election. I then make sure all the morning staff are present and double check that we have the heating & hot water on full throttle.


One of the most pleasant parts of the day then begins – Breakfast.

Everybody loves breakfast and ours is up there with the best. We have a choice of over 30 items for breakfast. This is where you can meet people at their most relaxed and go around to each table and enjoy listening to their experiences of Killarney & Kerry so far.


This is where you meet the witty Dub, The Lyrical Corkonian and the American! It is where you here of personal triumphs and tragedies, proud boasts & expert opinions.


During all of this I make sure that all of us as a team are happy and focussed, pushing and encouraging the team to interact with our guest and make sure that our warm Kerry hospitality shines through.


With Breakfast done, there are only two hours to lunch. This time is spent checking stock, doing orders, sorting tills, planning ahead for the evening, making sure that we are properly staffed, and getting in new business and dealing with any cancellations etc. There is also a lot of contact with the General Manager where we are constantly monitoring business, planning ahead, learning from mistakes, improving efficiency and above all constantly coming up with new ways of improving customer satisfaction.


Then lunch time arrives. We have a very busy Carvery Lunch, 7 days a week and most of the business comes from the local area. I meet a lot of our regular customers every day and we swap local gossip, have a bit of banter and an appreciation of their custom is re-enforced on a regular basis.


Three O’ Clock soon arrives and that’s my day done but I will have to tell you about the evening shift sometimes – that’s another story.


Writing this reminds me of some unusual characters that I have me, like the guest that arrived back from a night on the town at 6.45am and he couldn’t remember his room number. I asked him his name and he said it begins with a “T”, I then asked “How many clues do I have?”

or the gentleman who owns 14 Hotels in America but who had 11 teabags boiling in his Kettle to make tea and finally, the elderly gentleman from the North of Ireland who is a retired engineer and who built a house from volcanic ash (which does not absorb any water unlike the concrete blocks that we use which does absorb water)………….Interesting People, interesting job.

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